Tmobile Customers - Read this

Hey Guys, super random post but wanted to pass on the good info.

Tmobile is doing another free VOICE line offer.

You have to have 2 voice lines on your plan already (or maybe add enough to get to 2 before getting a 3rd free, not sure there). Not all lines are eligible, read through this reddit post to get a sense if you might be eligible.

My plan was eligible and it’s a on a pretty old plan.
They are also doing a new phone for a new line deal that is STACKABLE with this new line offer. I got a free Samsung Galaxy A11 with my free line I added.

Final note, you’ll probably have to pay the taxes, fees, new sim card fee when you finish up so expect that ahead of time. Mine came to $41 total

Best of luck!

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How much did they pay you to post this, and how do I get in on it?


$0 but I want everyone in the world to pay as little as possible for their phone services so just spreading the word

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So you added the line just got a free* phone?

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Yeah, I called and asked “if I don’t have a phone to put this new number on yet, can I just have this new line floating on the account”.

They said yes but we are also doing a new phone for free with new line deal that is stackable if you want to get a new phone with this new line I can add that to this order for you."

There were 8 phones available, all pretty much terrible but it’s free so… I will find a use for it.

Samsung Galaxy A11
LG K51
LG Stylo 6
LG Aristo 5
Tmobile Rebel 4+
Tmobile Rebel 4
Moto E
and Moto G Play

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So you going to cancel the line now?

I’m interested in the things people do for free stuff

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No the main reason I called was for the free line. I like to collect them in case of future need. I have 5 lines (now 6) for ~$145 a month.

I am not totally sure about this but I believe fine print for a free line today must be kept for 12 months to remain free. So after 12 months I plan to cancel one of the lines I currently pay for and switch to the free one I got today, effectively dropping my monthly payment by 1 line’s cost

The addition of the free phone part was a surprise and I just took advantage of it


So are you on the TMobile One plan? With Netflix?

No, If I went to that plan I would be paying more. I am an an old plan called SimpleChoice or something like that. Have looked at moving up but to bring 5 lines with me would be like $60 dollars more

Well don’t have 5 lines!

Tell that to my mother, brother, and mother in law!


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