Todd Monken Not Expected to be Retained on New Browns Coaching Staff

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Monk to OSU: still technically in play!

If Monken comes to OSU as an unpaid advisor, would Cleveland be obligated to continue his salary he would have earned from Browns?

I think it was Porter, but one of the PFB guys had a post Friday-ish that said Monken could indeed get paid by the Browns and be an analyst. My guess is Monken wants to coach, but I’ve never met him. He didn’t want to be the OC at OSU last year, I doubt he wants to be an analyst now.

Yes. Cleveland has to pay his salary so he could get paid extra by OSU. He would not be unpaid LOL.
Monken would be an analyst with a small salary. Likely $50,000 or $60,000 dollars. However we hope Monken becomes our next O.C. for a year or two then Dunn gets it.

Usually, those contract stipulations require you too actively search for a job that is similar and take pay for what the position is worth. Arkansas is in a battle right now (and I believe stopped paying) Bert Bielema because his salary doesn’t come close to what other NFL DLine coaches are paid.

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Well he could apply
To be OC and we could counter analyst …

Could we have Monken as HC, Dunn as OC, and kick Gundy upstairs in some kind of ambassador role lol?


I wish we would do that at this point. Gundy seems to have lost his fire.

Please let Monken be our next O.C!! Just give Dunn a raise and tell him when Monken leaves you are the next O.C.!

@jarrod I like the way you think.