Top 40 2023 Prospect Luke Hasz Takes Unofficial Visit to Oklahoma State

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A Hasz commitment would be monumental for the Pokes.

Tell them you’re a wideout otherwise you’ll be lucky to catch 20 passes your whole career!


Why not discourage top talent from coming to stilly love the strategy, glad to see things haven’t changed round here

Love to have the kid…but in our current offense we don’t strategically utilize our TE (Cowboy Backs). Stupid Stupid on our part…Oir offense could be so much more potent and efficient if we would involve our TE’s in the passing schemes.


I’ve never seen so many people with amnesia.
We have had te go pro. One is in the nfl make millions rite now. When he was he the cowboy backs got over 50 passes a year.
I’ve seen Sanders not throw to the open te so he could throw to the double covered Wallace.

2014 7 receptions
2015 17 receptions
2016 19 receptions

Again you are full of more crap than a Christmas Turkey.

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I said s on cowboy backs sexton and was it Phillips?
The 3 got around 60 passes. Again u still are the Christmas turkey.

“Hasz caught 32 passes for 703 yards and nine touchdowns for a Bixby squad that went 11-0.”

With the way Gundy uses his tight ends he would be lucky to even get that in 4 years at OSU.

It’s can’t be discouragement if it’s the truth. If a certain coach wants to recruit top talent he better be willing to use that top talent instead of offering them the choice of a transfer portal.

Yeah. That’s only because NFL scouts knew they could get them on the cheap because their HC didn’t ever figure out how to best use them. Tell me a tight end since Brandon Pettigrew that’s been actually drafted?

I can tell u one that’s making millions
The te doesn’t count he was a walkon. We no walkons aren’t real players in ur mind.

I didn’t ask what they were making. I’m asking how many have been DRAFTED. Blake Jarwin didn’t get there because of Mike Gundy. He made the Dallas Cowboys roster as an undrafted free agent.

Jarwin didn’t see it that way gave money to osu and gave the ward to Springfield he had a scholarship.
Just because u have a hard on for Mike dnt think everyone does.
I really want to know r u really this way. I mean no one in reality can be so down on everything. Do u do this to over come problems in ur own life?

The only ones that have a hard on for Mike are the ones that want him to continue to be the HC for OSU until he croaks.

As far as my own life it’s really none of your business. I just want to see a new HC that actually cares about being more than 8-5 since we’ve consistently obtained that status for the most part the past 15 years.

Texas has been down and I’m just trying to figure out what exactly he’s waiting on to take advantage of being that #2 team in the Big 12. It’s been 10 years since his last Big 12 title and he’s lost 6 in a row in Bedlam. What’s he waiting for?

Probably waiting for u to be nice.
Most people who are fantastics have issues in their own life. Not saying urs is bad just ur really not happy with it.

My point being is if you aren’t going to try and be the best football team you can be then why would you still recruit like your a 3-9 team and why do still coach.

Mike Boynton figured out if you want to win you have to be able to go after better players and treat certain games with some kind of enthusiasm.

If Mike Gundy doesn’t seem or act like he has the desire for that then what is he still doing as the OSU HC? He was given the tools and has rarely done anything with them.

Well if gundy went around jumping up and down do things u say u want wouldn’t win game or get better recurits.
As a non blue blood u try and get a handful of of high recurits. Then try and get players u think will be good.
All this other crap u say doesn’t mean anything.

Doesn’t mean anything? There is a coach in the gym next to Gundy’s football field that knows what better players mean. It means better national attention and better pay. Gundy is only one of few coaches that gets rewarded pay raises for mediocrity.

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Boynton has had one nice year. Let’s see a few more or at least a good year.

Suprised u haven’t cried about the schedule, u have cried about everything else.
Before u do are sos is 5. Ou is 38. Alabama is 50.
It’s funny I thought a good schedule is how they win.