Top 5 Gundy Quotes from the First Day of Fall Camp

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From SpongeBob to Nostradamus, Gundy was in midseason form on Day 1 of fall camp.

“I think the commitment has to come from our staff and our concepts and schemes,” Gundy said. “In most cases, you get good at what you practice, and things you make a priority, you improve on. So I’ve asked our offensive staff to make it a point to improve in the running game, and I’m fairly confident that will happen.”

I mostly agree with what he said. However, he shouldn’t be ASKING for improvement in the running game. He should be TELLING his offensive staff to do this. It also shouldn’t be made a POINT, but rather a MUST.

If our running game looks piss poor, and our OL can’t open a hole with minimal injuries throughout the season, then he should make it a POINT to find new OL and OC coaches.

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Too bad Nostradamus Gundy couldn’t have predicted how bad we would’ve sucked last year and done anything differently. Like maybe not give up 28 straight to a pitiful OU offense last year.


This is the difference between a coach that WANTS to be a champion to a coach that IS a champion. I doubt Nick Saban ASKS his offensive staff to be better in certain areas. I would like to think he DEMANDS that they be better. There’s a reason Saban says “Practice it until you can’t get it wrong.”

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“I feel goo about the exchange player for player. Of coarse you do when you recruit average players or below.

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He is technically correct. We lost a 3rd string starting QB, and we gained a 3rd string starting QB. What could go wrong???

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Lol look at the lil gurls circle around. The top haters are all here only jug is missing.

I’ll make two predictions of my own

If Garrett or Gunnar are the starting QB, OSU will be lucky to finish 7th

The key to a better ground game…starts with the offensive line.

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We will be lucky to finish 7th no matter what.

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Where is Michael? He usually has something to contribute to this stuff?

Probably like me didnt have anything real to say, just letting you gurls go wild.
You haters seem happy laughing and slapping the guy in front of you.