Top 5 Quotes from Mike Gundy's Saturday News Conference

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Gundy talks quarterbacks, the 3-3-5 and more.

Gundy won’t name a QB until 1st day of class has started and transferring is no longer an option. Probably true for most of the depth chart.


I agree with this. Gundy is not naming a QB because he’s trying to keep the media or the fans in suspense. He is not going to name a QB because it is good for the competition and motivation for each of the students. Once he names a starter, it is just natural for the 2nd and 3rd string QBs to ease off and not try as hard. Also, the 1st stringer will think they’ve got it “made”. It’s only human nature to do so.


I agree, you just better make sure the players believe it’s an open competition and you’re not just screwing with them. Because then someone’s going to get mad they couldn’t leave before the year and cause a bunch of drama that’ll split the locker room and you end up like last year with 15 kids leaving.


Most critical is assignment discipline on the new D scheme.
Not surprised on QBs. Rangel and Gundy are both talented hard working intelligent QBs. If Bowman trots out first he will have earned it.
3 RBs isn’t a lot of depth. Any news on Viahali and Ohio Kid? Might need them later in season.

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I hope Rangle has made a huge jump from last year. He never looked like a D1 QB to me. Maybe it was the line but still

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Again you want to use deflection as your response.

35 points a game over the first 7 games against most the top teams. 13 points against the bottom teams.

You cant argue this with any logic. Im using excuses
Its funny when you listen to national people. Sad pathetic billy. Go on explain how 3rd teamers at osu are suppose to be so much better then first teams at ku. I know its bad coaching. Learn how to debate. Only a guy who uses excuses blames orhers, thats u billy

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Wrong page I think ?

Yea fone went silly

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I’ll debate.

So Dunn’s offense only works with a highly mobile QB. The statistical differences in his splits between traditional and mobile qbs under Dunn are clear. You like to quote them (as you did above). I’ll give you that. His system is functional with that type of QB. So we should be starting a mobile QB who can make our offense go. Why aren’t we? Oh that’s right. We have ZERO of that type of QB on our roster. Why is that? Is that not on the coaches? Is that not a failure by Dunn? We need to fire Dunn and hire an OC whose system supports the talent that has been recruited.

Lol rite buddy.
We had quite abit more passing yards then rushing. The last game was the texas game we had 250 yards more passing.
Go back look at games and the stats. Had nothing to do with mobil. It had to do with healthy players.

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If you want to use that narrative then Gunnar should probably be our guy. I couldn’t watch the game but sounded like Gunnar was the best yesterday and I know he can run ( 4.6 ) I’ve heard Not sure of his arm but saw some nice passes last year along with bad ones. Maybe the 3 are holding it down until the true freshman is ready. I knew we would miss Sanders legs, but his silly turnovers , no. Since i didn’t see the game I’m not commenting on Rangle, I didn’t think last year he was the answer. If and that’s a big if now we get the running game going, it will be a different story on the offense. Gundy knew this would be a scrimmage really. He said they just ran basic stuff, that doesn’t excuse the OL though That’s the area needing fixed Collins td he had a big hole to run through
There aren’t many true drop back qbs making it now. Illingworth is running 3rd team from what I heard joy so you missed that one :joy:

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I think you missed my point. I wasn’t advocating for Shane Hollingsworth as our answer. Just stating that it seems that Dunn’s offense works all right with a mobile QB and drops by 20 points per game without yet. Yet, somehow we don’t have a true mobile QB on our roster. Sorry, Gunnner may be able to run some, but he’s not what anyone would consider a mobile QB. You say there arent many drop back QBs anymore, yet we basically have 3 of them (and had a 4th in SH transfer). And yet we run an offense more suited for a mobile guy. Why is that?

Who said anything about passing vs. running yards? I’m talking about offensive style. How many games did we watch Spencer Sanders save 3rd down with his legs on a mad dash scramble? You buy another set of downs then we hit on one of our jump ball fades and yea the passing yardage looks great. The offense still sucked.

The fact is this. Without Spencer Sanders, an elite mobile qb, Dunn’s offense, regardless of preparation time or opponent, has looked like garbage. He had a month to get ready for the Wisconsin Bowl game knowing SS wasn’t playing and getting a mostly healthy roster back. And we still looked inept. We had all offseason to get ready for an FCS opponent, and yet we look inept. These are undisputable facts.

At what point does that ineptness not fall on the OC?

Like i said ive been up and down on sanders. But, calling him a hero because he could get third down is misrepresentation of him. This last 2 years he made it a point to throw the ball low. He missed alot of passes causing him to run. He had lots of issues with reads. To be honest the recievers didnt help the last 2 years with drop that werent defended. Hope we are not doing that this year.
We cant drop passes and have wild hikes from center.

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The Illingworth comment was for joy aha bill that grips about every player that hits the portal. I don’t think we have 3 drop back passers either. Gunner may not be Sanders running the ball but he’s the closest and it isn’t that close. Rangle needs to show me a lot more for me to be high on him…
I’ll bet Flores sees enough game time but doesn’t burn his redshirt… you Gundy haters need to get a grip. Some things I don’t like myself but none of us can fix it. Let’s see what happens by game 4 before we write this season off

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