Top 5 Quotes from Mike Gundy's Thursday News Conference

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On the rush of being onstage, Dez Bryant and more.

“It has to have helped our running game,” Gundy said. “I’m hanging my hat on it has to have helped our running game. If not, then it’s just not gonna be as fun.”

Hmmmm I wonder if we should start seeing how our OL can help our running game. Then if they can’t, maybe we should consider finding an OL coach that can provide one to us that will do that.

I would like if we could get better fans. That would help alot. Tell me where all the oline coaches that have been here where ate they.

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I hope Gundy is right that Benson has a great season. A lot of people on here talked a lot of sh-t about him last season, and I defended him. Prove me right, Xavier!!! Go Pokes!


There are fans and then there are crybabies…
Joy isn’t ever satisfied with a victory, he would rather we lose so he can bash Gundy

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I agree. We need fans that look beyond being in the company of 79 other teams and more in the company of the top 15 teams. How dare they expect us to keep the standard low, and expect us to keep generously paying a coach with the same attitude?

Hey if you look we aren’t in the company of 80 teams , we are in the company of top ten in wins the last ten years if you acknowledge it. I’m sure you are too colored blind to see. Also top ten In wins against top 25 , all that is fact. You can’t dispute any of it. So stop your biotching and whining or go follow the goons ,you seem to love them


I hope I’m wrong, but I’m having trouble identifying why the O-Line will be better this year. The talk since the end of last season has been placing a bigger emphasis on the running game this season, but do we have the guys up front to get the job done? Do we have a scheme that will work? Or do we just zone block everything and hope for 3 yards per carry? I’m excited to watch the defense. I think they have a chance to be special.

  1. None of the coaches (specifically Gundy) have really talked about the OL or given an opinion either way on what they think about it. That could be Gundy just being careful about talking up a group, that for the most part, hasn’t been consistent the last few years.

  2. Just a day or two ago Gundy mentioned that HE HOPES the fullback position will help with the running game. Take it however you will, but that tells me he has doubts about the OL being able to switch from zone blocking.

So there’s really no evidence (yet) that the OL group will be better or we can expect just the same results. In 2021 we averaged 4.3 yards per rush as a team. Then again, that’s with a defense that finished in the top ten that country as well. We most likely won’t have that running threat at QB, and we really don’t know how good our running backs are either. I would say if we have a solid defense and can get around 5 yards per rush we should do well with the schedule we have.

If you look at Bowl appearance results over the last 10 years. We’ve been involved with the company of 80 teams about 80% of the time. All those wins and almost nothing to show for it at the end of the season.

If you LOOKED we are top ten in wins the last 10 years, top ten in wins against top 25 … of course you skim right over that. Joy you’re an idiot, you shouldn’t be commenting when you leave things out and make your own chit up.
The OL gets Cooper who is a big upgrade over the worst lineman we had last year. We have the guy back that had
Issues the whole year that and started 13 games the year before. The freshman Endean is hoss, he wi play a lot. Again you shouldn’t comment when you leaved chit out. Pitiful

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I tend to look at the end result of each season. Since you like to always make the claim “it’s a new season!!!”. Not a 10-11 year span where perhaps we’ve won a good number of games, but still lack a conference title and have one lucky NY6 bowl win.

Blahs Blahs Blahs

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Yea……you know it’s true. That’s why you say it.

Im not wasting my time any more. Until you come up with something new its just blah blah blah

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You know someone has to win the conference every year and we know Gundy can’t do how many conference titles will K State Baylor and TCU plus all the new members have before we get to move on?

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What can I possibly come up with when we experience the same result 90% of the time? What would you like me to say when our recruiting consistently results the same? Or when our finish in the conference is consistently anywhere from 3rd to 7th? Maybe if we win a conference title or win more than one NY6 bowl every 10 years I can find something new to talk about.

I’m trying to point out to you guys if we’re going to be the new “leader” of the Big 12 conference with OU leaving, like some have suggested on here, then winning a conference title or two soon would be a great start. Winning games with no real accomplishment as an end result isn’t going to place you in that position. OU, Ohio State, Georgia, and Clemson didn’t get to where they were at by simply just winning games and keeping their trophy cases absent of conference titles.

Blah blah blah. You talk about the same chit. So come up with stuff that is not the 4 or 5 things you talk about.

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You want me to come up with something different? Then the program should do something about the same four or five things I have to talk about.

Have you figured out the 3 players we have lost and why.

Your that drunk uncle who comes late to chrismas diinner and cries that its cold.

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