Trace Ford ‘Doing Well’ after ACL Tear, Gundy High on Oliver

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Trace is back.

Hopefully he stays healthy, he’s probably our best defender, might be a lot to ask for him to be a star again 9 months after tearing his ACL but I hope he can.

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Two words: Jayden Jernigan.

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Why don’t they have him listed? He missed last season because of Covid….I know they were high on him before last season.

No idea. I was very impressed with his play as a true frosh in '19. I believe he’ll be an interior force.

It’s funny that you say it’s hard to believe that Ford is already in his jr. year because that’s what you get when gundy infamously starts a really good freshman just for acouple games and burns his ■■■■ year for little play🤷‍♂️. Next thing you know his a jr. and only played one full year as a starter. Bad thing for these kids is gundy really hurts their draft stock by doing this. If he were to play out top recruits who really can help us as a freshman by the time they were to leave there would be enough film on them to get drafted higher.

And gundy talking about Oliver “not knowing how much playing time he will get but he’s a really good get for us”. How bout not playing him for just 2 to 3 meaningless games and burning a year of his eligibility and also something else that cracks me up always is gundy saying “ not sure how he’ll hold up in August practices” wtf gundy do you not think these kids that you recruit have not ever had practices in august their whole life! Come on man :man_facepalming:. Gundy has no faith in absolutely any freshman and I will never no why. It’s bush leage coaching. You think if zavan Collins from Tu would have came here, do you think gundy would have treated him like he treats all of his freshman? Do you think he would have been drafted in the 2nd round or 3rd instead of early first round??Your ■■■■ right he would have. I guarantee to you this Oliver kid is as tleast better than one kid that’s going to start this year. Bush league coaching I tell you.

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