Trace Ford Ready for Second Bedlam

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Ford started Bedlam last season as a true freshman.

“We all know what this game means to us and what’s at stake here,” Ford said. “The locker room all week, since last week, has been filled with energy. Practice has definitely been more intense. Everyone’s going a lot harder, balls to the wall. We know what we have at stake. We know we’re a good team, and we’re good enough to easily beat them. We know. We know what’s going on.”

I wish his head coach felt the same way.

Joe, let us know when you think you’ve made you point. You do know that you can’t change anything with these repetitive comments, right?

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Yes I can

OSU will never achieve the expectations that you believe they will produce with or without Mike Gundy. You are delusional.

Oh so your one of those fans?