Transfer Portal Update: Oklahoma State Linked with Handful of Portal Additions

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A lot of scorers, an elite passer and a former Top 10 prospect.

They need a shooter or two, but most importantly they need someone who can beat his defender on dribble to create his own shot or force help defenders so others are open. They dont have much if any of that once Avery was out

Why are we chasing all of these 3 point shooters? If we land one it won’t be a game changer. We need an offensive system that attacks the basket and relies on rebounds and getting the other team in foul trouble.

I know the 3 is todays game, but one thing that todays 3 point shooters don’t do is play strong defense. So why not beat the other teams at what they can’t do?

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We have a strong defense and still couldn’t even make the tournament. We need some guys that can knock down open shots.


How do all these players continue to transfer and play? I thought there was a one-time exemption on transferring and continuing to play without sitting out?

I agree, but just getting guys that can shoot 3s at 30-40% will not change our situation with out an offensive philosophy. It’s lazy coaching to just rely on 3-point shooters when they can’t do anything else. Have 3 point shooters as a complement, and work on getting the bigs. It will always hold true: rebounding and free throws will be what top teams have over everyone else.

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Agreed. Our best games were when we shot decent, made free throws, and out rebounded the other team. Hitting the three point shot wasn’t exactly needed as a top priority. Run a disciplined and fundamental offense with decent rebounding, shooting, and free throws then we’re most likely sitting with 25 wins instead of just 20.

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Kinda surprised we haven’t seen any of our guys portal yet. It’s gotta be coming soon I’d imagine.

Give it time. It’ll come.