Transfer Tracker: Who is Staying, Going as OSU Basketball Reboots in Offseason

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Keeping track of who is going out and who is coming in.

At this point hopefully Smith, Thompson and Newton stay. I just don’t think Chris Harris can go anymore, way too many injuries but I’ve read he’s a good locker room guy but we just don’t have the numbers, sadly.


I think we’d be alright if Newton moved on. Give CHJ a GA position on staff if he wants it so we have another scholarship.


Probably true on Newton, there were a few games he showed great potential and his length at 6 foot 9 as a wing could be a matchup problem but he probably isn’t nearly consistent enough for big 12 play. I like the GA position idea for CHJ

Dailey has now signed.


I may be wrong…but i don’t think Kouma has used all of his eligibility.
19-20 - Juco - Freshman
20-21 - OSU - Soph
21-22 - OSU Soph
22-23 - OSU Junior

Shhhhh. We need the scholarship.


Newton has entered now, Harris I don’t see why he would want to even try. Three ACL’s in 3 years on the same knee !! No way. Going to be a completely new team. I hope BT stays

Well there ya go on Newton. Crud, I mean I can’t be too upset, he isn’t big 12 starter material but he can be a nice piece on a team. Probably better off being that piece on a better team if he can find it.
Agreed, hopefully Bryce stays. Has there been word on Tyreek Smith? Really need his rebounding and athleticism back inside.

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Smith entering is shocking. Does anyone know if there is stuff going on behind the scenes?


I think it’s pretty obvious at this point. Original recruits do not even want to finish their careers with him. Guys transfer in and leaver after a year. The Boynton era is coming to a close.

Looks like Boynton is going to roll with the new recruits and hopefully add a good point guard and another or two. This team played hard defensively, they weren’t B12 caliber players on offense. Boynton knows something has to change
Our offense needs a system, not street ball

Does he really have a choice at this point?!?! Who else is he going to roll with…the walk ons.

At least he’s making an attempt to up his game, he wasn’t getting it done with what he had. I think the one’s hitting the portal were told to look elsewhere

It seems more like players are leaving and not him making them leave.

You must not have listened to his post season comments then

You must not have watched him coach

You must not read all the comments

So im just gonna stop saying who I hope sticks around because so far all have left lol it’s my fault.

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