Travel Blog: The Lovely Camelback Inn, and the Airline That Shall Not Be Named

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Canceled flights and perhaps the greatest ‘hotel’ in the world.

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Okay Marshall, how much was the Camelback Inn with your discount. These are important tidbits… I should have went but knew the flights would be stupid and didn’t want to drive.

I used to live in Phoenix for awhile. It has changed due to the exodous of Silicon Valley workers to the Valley of the Sun. Thus housing and traffic have increased significantly along with cost of living. We used to call Scottsdale, Snobs Dale, for obvious reasons. Weather is great for five months out of the year. No more abandoned orange groves because houses sit on those once vacant lands now. High utility rates and white pebbles for lawns instead of grass. If you can afford to live there, a great place to live. If the housing market crashes, then the local economy is in ruins and people leave the area in droves looking elsewhere for work. A rather unique area. I always felt sorry for Arizona State U. football teams because they just never seem to be consistently good.