Trio of 2022 Prospects Include Oklahoma State in Top Group

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OSU’s 2022 class is off to a blazing start.

Three more nice recruits. Get any will be good.

I’d say the Ish Harris kid will depend on what side of the ball he wants to play. If the others are recruiting him on offense and he wants to play defense maybe we can steal him, if not it’ll be tough.

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Both track teams did good this year

0 for 3

Nice and positive

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I would be upset if we go o and 3. As long as Baylor and Arkansas dnt get one of them.
So far we have not lost any recurits to the other 7 in the big 12 and Arkansas
And beat ou for one in the 2021 class.
We get 1 or 3 of these we would be get so over ou and Texas.