Tulsa Defensive Tackle Jaxon Player Includes OSU in Top 5

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OSU makes the list for a big-time DT transfer.

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We know Gundy likes him…referred to him as a “little” Aaron Donald earlier this year.

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Would really like to get him, be a really nice piece for our D to replace Jernigan.

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Come on over buddy

We still clay and Kelly. At least. I do like me some good d linemen

Hope he doesn’t go back home to Waco!

He’ll return home to Waco if I had to guess.

We know it’s a guess to u. Like u could provide insight.

He’s from Waco. It’s not that difficult to figure out he has an incredibly good chance to play for the reigning conference champions.

I bet on Baylor. No brainer. But if you want to showcase your talent for the NFL then you might want to consider playing for one of the best defenses in college and that would be in Stillwater. As always, it comes down to what someone values most. Hometown crowd, defending conference champion team vs. OSU who beat Notre Dame. You think guys in the portal would do anything to jump to one of the best defenses in college considering how much publicity the defense got from the media this season. But then again, as I think this thru, these kids are aware that the master mind of the defense is long gone along with Malcom Rodriguez, the heart and soul of the defense.

Not coming here: