Tulsa Tickets

Anyone have a good feel for what is going on with the tickets to the Tulsa game and why they are very expensive at this point? I live in Kansas City and I thought it would be an awesome day trip down for the family especially with it being a 2:30 kick off time. Right now tickets are trending at around $75-$80 a seat which seems really ridiculous for what I imagine would be a half empty stadium with more OSU fans in attendance than Tulsa fans.

Any insight would be appreciated!


My first thought is they know OSU fans are going to travel well for it. That being said, this is a trend across the country, and a very troubling one.

Here in Memphis, the first game of the season is against Ole Miss, and the ticket prices are absurd, especially given they can’t even sell the Liberty Bowl out when SEC teams come to town, let alone regional ones (Ole Miss is only 50 miles away, roughly).

One more thing to consider, have you seen the single-game ticket prices for OSU’s home games this season? $75 for all except Homecoming, which is $100. It’s really stupid.

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It looks like single game tickets go on sale on 8/17 through the Tulsa football website. I’m not sure what their price point will be but, it will most likely be around the 75$ mark. I agree that it’s absurd to pay that much especially if you plan on bringing your family down. We are in the Tulsa area and it seems most people here are trying to pay for their Tulsa football season tickets by selling this one game.

It only holds 30,000 so I think it’s safe to say it will be completely full with a lot of orange. Can’t blame Tulsa for grabbing a big pay day when they have a chance.

You can buy season tickets for $100 and then sell the other 5. Maybe make a small profit?

The way I’m seeing it. OSU has about 50,000 alumni in Tulsa. Plus however many thousands of non alumni fans. I can imagine many of these fans who haven’t been able to take a trip to Stillwater would jump on this local chance. That plus a 30,000 seat stadium = high prices.

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That stadium will be packed. I believe with face and fees it was $90/ticket which is about the going rate on StubHub as well. I don’t mind it considering I’m not too far from the stadium.

Their stadium is also tiny. It’s a big high school stadium. I bet they can charge what they want because they know we travel well in Tulsa. Supply/Demand.

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So I thought I’d “update” (not really) your post. I was on okstate.com on Saturday and noticed they’re trying to sell Away Game tickets to the TU game at a “discount”. The “discounted” prices are the prices you mentioned in your initial post. And as implied by other posters here and other places, the tickets aren’t in the greatest spots. It’s a bit laugh inducing.

Thanks for all the insight. I wrongfully assumed that the game would not be well attended and I could pick up tickets on the cheap and make a great day trip for the family. Think I will pivot now to watching it with a couple beverages at home!

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So, me and my wife are unable to make the K-State game, we have to go to Utah for a wedding. We have season tickets and live in Tulsa. This is probably a long shot, but is there anyone with two tickets to the Tulsa game that would trade those for 2 tickets to the K-State game in Stillwater?

Look into the 3 game pack for $90 you can watch ucf, navy, and osu. If not you can sell the others to make the osu game cheaper

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