Tulsa uniform preview

I’ll start it out…Ed hardy(brand), white, black. Had a change of heart, I think we will be seeing the brand more often now with the rebrand the school did to make it across the board

Please no Ed Hardy :pensive:

If it ain’t BWB with the badge, definitely see the BWO combo.

I’ll be very surprised if we ever see the badge again. The ‘rebrand’ killed it off I believe. Which kinda stinks, because it was an awesome addition, imo.

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White with badge and orange facemask, white, orange

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White (Bandanna Stripe, Black Facemask, Black Brand), White, Black.

I’m having a tough time deciding. I don’t think they will waste BWO on Tulsa. I’m leaning towards WWB with the badge. I would like BWB but doubt we will wear same helmet back to back

I think we will want to make it look and feel as much like a home game as possible. WWO or OWO. Either way, lots of orange. I think I want to see White helmet with chrome orange brand, orange and black stripe, and white grill to go with white jersey and orange pants.

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WWO with the brand is my guess

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Some of us need helmet decal picks (in case of ties)

The verdict:

Nice job for the guys/gals going with WWO