TV Crew, Betting Lines for Oklahoma State’s Big 12 Opener at Iowa State

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Both teams are desperate for a bounce back.

If we keep on with this three quarterback system, and not getting the ball to our best players we’ll lose. I trust Iowa State’s defense more than our offense right now.


Are we posting the betting odds for the ISU players?

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Petros Papadakis may be the worst color commentator in the history of color commentators. He sounds like a bad version of Matt Foley, motivational speaker.

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Petros Papadakis = Harvey Fierstein (from the movies Mrs. Doubtfire and Independence Day)

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The only thing worse than Petros is Beth Mowins. Jesus, if we lose again she will be calling our next game.

He looks like a mix between Jimmy Fallon and Seth McFarlane to me.