Two QBs = no QBs?

Thought this was a really good point in an email from a reader and further proof that I need to chill: You do know the two teams that played for the NC both started the year playing two QBs before they settled on the starter.

Whoever emailed that to you must be an extremely smart guy. Gonna go out on a limb and guess he’s probably devastatingly handsome as well.

In reality, I believe both guys can throw a 50/50 ball to Tylan and dump it off to Chuba in the flats. Those two plays are good for at least 35 a game.


Believe he has a very unique handle on this forum, too.

Are you referring to my chris1 name? I changed it, I believe if you’re going to say something, you should have your name attached to it.

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I agree with @Chris_McCulloch56 that @kyleporterCBS probably needs to chill just a little. When Gundy says “we might play two,” I interpret that to mean simply that the battle might extend past training camp and into the start of the regular season. The Kyle position is: if they’re equal, you play the younger guy. The Gundy position, as I interpret it, is: if they’re equal, you play both in meaningful game snaps until the matter is decided.

And Gundy has a track record of doing exactly that, when appropriate. In 2013, he started Chelf. His hook was very quick, possibly too quick, but Chelf was so so bad in those first two series that he really didn’t have a choice. And Walsh came in and saved the day. Then it became clear, over time, that Walsh wasn’t getting it done, so he hooked Walsh for Chelf mid-season. In 2012, he was constantly messing around with QBs. A lot of that, but not all of it, was due to injuries.

I don’t want to be a downer, but I’m afraid that an objective look at this situation has to point to the hypothesis that neither Brown nor Sanders is as good as we want them to be. FACT 1: Corndog was very bad at times last year. FACT 2: Corndog was never benched, even for a series, even when it wouldn’t cost a redshirt.

Take away everything you know about Gundy and Oklahoma State, and imagine we’re discussing the QB situation at Utah or Michigan State or wherever. Given the facts in evidence, you’d have to conclude that neither Brown nor Sanders was even maybe as good as Corn. And that Corn, while not without his charms, isn’t great. If this situation was unfolding at TCU or West Virginia, we’d be penciling them in for a rough year at QB. But because we’re all marinating in OSU chatter at all times, we find it easy to concoct plenty of explanations for why the facts might not add up to a rough year at QB for us this year. And maybe it won’t. I hope it won’t. But, …

This is fair and possibly correct.