Tylan not a top 10 NFL WR prospect?

Link requires ESPN+: https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2020/insider/story/_/id/28019966/kiper-2020-nfl-draft-big-board-position-rankings-how-good-qb-class

Not only does Mel Kiper’s new top 25 big board not include Tylan Wallace but it doesn’t even have him in his top 10 WRs:

  1. Jerry Jeudy, Alabama
  2. CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma
  3. Henry Ruggs III, Alabama
  4. Tee Higgins, Clemson
  5. Laviska Shenault Jr, Colorado
  6. DeVonta Smith, Alabama
  7. Jalen Reagor, TCU
  8. Justin Jefferson, LSU
  9. Michael Pittman Jr, USC
  10. Lynn Bowden Jr, Kentucky

In other position groups it has asterisk saying so and so player would have been top 10 if it not for a season ending injury but WR has no such thing for Tylan Wallace.

I looked through 5-6 mock drafts today and didn’t see one that had Tylan as a 1st round pick. Only 3 had picks past the 1st round. One of them had him as a last 2nd round pick and the other two had him as 3rd round picks.

With his injury he’s not going to be able to improve his stock, does anyone think he will be coming back next year?

I’m about 80% sure he comes back. I thought he was coming back before the injury anyways. Love Tylan but he was never going in the first round. Those top 3 guys are sure fire 1st round picks. Teams view him like James Washington. Believe he puts up numbers due to the system. I do believe he is definitely better than 8-10, but can see why the top 7 are ranked higher than him.


Seems like he would come back, then. He will need to rehab and have a really good year; but if current draft stock is not good and he cannot participate in combine; then,…?

Unless he gets a different grade or just absolutely wants to leave OSU then I see him staying.

I thought before the injury he was 100% gone but with his stock dropping and him not be able to workout for these team makes me think he might come back.

I think he would be a lock as top 5 WR next year.

I’ve stopped taking Mel Kiper or any of those “draft analysts” seriously. I guess the knock in Tylan is he isn’t 6-foot-five or that he’s not playing in the SEC/Big 10? Beyond that I don’t know what the knock on him is (beyond this current injury). To me he checks a lot of boxes. Good route runner? Check. Fearless blocker? Almost to his detriment when he almost murders guys. Fast? Look at his screen play TD’s and tell me he’s not fast. Production? Not only was he productive, he’s been productive without being surrounded by other 5 star receivers and a 1st round-caliber QB throwing to him.

I would love to see him come back and give us an encore performance, but at the same time if he can be 100% for the Combine/his pro day I would have a hard time blaming him for taking the leap. Whatever he decides to do he’ll be successful at and I look forward to cheering him on regardless.

I wish he would come back, but even if he’s a 3rd or 4th rounder, he has to leave and try to get the money. If he comes back and gets injured or re-injures his knee, he won’t get drafted. He needs to get the money while he can and become a millionaire.

If I’m an NFL GM, I’m probably going to shy away from Oklahoma State wide receivers too… I mean, outside of Dez who has done anything from OSU in the NFL? Blake Jarwin is doing ok, I guess… James Washington is lagging. Justin Blackmon, huge bust. Marcell Ateman is a project. I can’t even think of anybody else that has contributed at all.

This is purely because he got hurt. Many scouts had him as a 3rd-4th round talent because he is only 6’ and runs a high 4.5 which is considered slow. IDK what these NFL GMs are smoking, Tylan has proven time and time again that he can go up and make plays over bigger defenders but it is what it is. It will be interesting to see if he comes back to try and improve his stock or if he doesn’t want to chance another injury and lose his bag. I hope whatever he decides to do ends up working out for him. H his too humble and too hard a worker.

He’d be foolish to play anymore college ball. Sadly, those knees only have so many miles in them. He needs to go make some money while he can.

Blackmon was only a bust due to personal issues. When he was on the field he put up solid numbers.


I don’t know his personal situation. Does he want the big money now? Does he want a college degree? Does his family want either of those? Who is going to be drafted this year and next? Does he see a chance for a big college year with Sanders?

My only knock is for someone with his skills, and with the leading rusher in college, he can’t seem to get wide open. He makes lots of catches with guys all over him. Where is he running free and getting catches? Coaching.

Obviously I want him back next year but also want him to do whats best for him.

Hint: College degrees have value.

You would think family history will play a factor in this decision. His twin brother has had to quit football due to repeated similar injuries. My guess would be he leaves for the NFL.

He won’t get drafted… There’s literally no upside to him going to the draft now. Just talk to Josh Stewart.


Just that one guy we kicked off the squad (reasonably so) as a RB that now does magical things in KC.

You ccan am say that about every team! There are 114 FBS teams with up to 85 man rosters and only 32 NFL teams with 53 man rosters. I don’t know that’s there’s actually any school that can claim being a factory for players in any position.

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