Tylan Wallace, Kolby Harvell-Peel Out for Kansas State Game

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OSU will be short starters Wallace and Harvell-Peel for its road game in Manhattan.

This will give us more excuses than simply blaming things on turnovers and the referees, as usual.

Looks like the Big 12 found another coach to outcoach Gundy.


I don’t see how WV (who doesn’t have a QB or OL) can easily beat K State, but for some reason OSU and Gundy can’t seem to figure it out.


No body is showing up

K State- 217 yards
OSU- 83 yards

I guess we are a Bug Ten team now. Robert Allen could be heard saying, “I think if you’re K State you don’t do anything too crazy here. Especially with a true freshman QB”.

The next play, Howard runs it right up the middle down to the OSU 20 yard line. Eventually getting them another 6 points before the half.

Apparently Robert Allen thinks every coach in America is like Mike Gundy. Klieman is trying to WIN this game. He doesn’t play “Not to Lose” football. The halftime scores and stats are a good example of one coach “playing not to lose” and another coach “playing to win”.


You think? Everyone came out with these ridiculous scores for OSU. Was I not the first to say I don’t think it’s going to be a blowout? Hell !!! OSU is probably going to lose.

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My Bookie and I currently have it as KSU 23 - OSU 0

Hurts but not our issue which is O-line plus coaching. No imagination whatsoever w/ the playcalling.

I said we’d get outcoached a couple more times after the UT loss.

Since when does Gundy not get outcoached? He needs to retire. The school should do whatever they can in their power to buy out his contract, and bring in a coach that actually might care about scoring touchdowns instead of field goals.

Gundy didnt chase the extra point. That definitely lost the game for ksu. Hey only rushed Hubbard 6 times not 50. We only had to play one quarter. Great win joe

If there is a negative comment then you are correct, as always, the first one to say it.

Just keeping it real here!!