Tyler Lacy Represents OSU in First Day of NFL Draft Combine

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Tyler Lacy seemed to do well for himself on Thursday.

Not great numbers. With a shortened year he will have an up hill battle.

Did i miss the acticle that said hunter wasnt coming back. Im disappointed to not find him on the roster. That means we have only 8 lineman.

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Yep. Woodard is not coming back.

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Thats also the second lineman, with nobles. To retire in that class.

We got 8 guys with 2 years left .second are covid years.
I was more hyped thinking we had hunter. Got to get 2 more guys ready who can actually play.

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Henry had shoulder surgery but should be back after spring ball. He may be getting close.

Yes i hope. He will be in his fourth year. Austin was on 2 deep. Sanders has the size and strength. If we hold on to the 9 upper classman for 2 yearsit will allow the younger guys to develop


No, he did not

Shocking!! o-line discouraging news continues. :man_shrugging:

We need new leadership. It exhausting beyond belief.