UCF Transfer Marchelus Avery Commits to Oklahoma State

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Lutz lands another Big 12 transfer.

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Not real impressed with his recruits so far

It looks like he is using the Gundy playbook of trying to get culture guys that fit his system instead of chasing stars. If he has the same success as Gundy in the short term it will be a huge turnaround for a dead program.


Maybe you’re right about it , he knows what he needs But the stats don’t show a lot of offensive prowess. Guess we will see. Hope Garrison comes back


Good coaching can win championships even with lower talent. :thinking:


good coaching can win majority of games…talent with good coaching wins championships…

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Goes to show how far the OSU Basketball brand has fallen since the days of Eddie. Hopefully these transfers are good enough that with the right coaching they can get us back into the tourney. Get there and I expect more doors will open when it comes to getting the next level of talent.