UCLA and USC Reportedly Set to Leave for Big Ten in Stunning Conference Realignment Twist

“Third-tier, are they? You think Zona and Zona St, Colorado and Utah are 3rd tier?” You’re gonna have to follow if you wanna have this discussion. I said the new Big 12 (outside of OSU) is mostly 3rd tier. Cincinnati. UCF. Houston. Texas Tech. Kansas. KState. Those are 3rd tier. Iowa St, TCU, Baylor Cincinnati are fringe programs. OSU has proven the last 15 years to be a good program with what they’ve done on-field and facilities wise. I mentioned that the new Big 12 should go for Oregon, Wash, the Arizona schools & Louisville. Louisville helps get a partner out there with WVU, helps get you more into that footprint, and would show a sign of stability if you were capable of pulling them from the ACC. Listen, it’ll never happen because NO ONE is leaving a Power 5 to jump in the weakest Conf left now that OU/TX are gone.

No……NOBODY wants Colorado. This isn’t a family vacation destination. It’s college football. The Denver market…….is not as valuable as you seem to be making it.

“Who wants to travel that far?” Dude……you added UCF to the Conf. You added Cincinnati. You added BYU. You may wanna Google which is the closest between Louisville & those guys.

“Big 12 is fine as is”….:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. You cannot be serious!?!?!?! You think a Conf who’s bellcow is Oklahoma St is “fine as is”?!?! OSU is a solid program. No knock on them at all. But they are not capable of carrying a football Conf.

Why is it that the typical anti trust laws don’t apply to college football?. After all, its a big business and movement of colleges out of and into conferences are like mergers and acquisitions in the corporate world.


Nothing about the Big 10 is scary. Also, I don’t buy into the narrative the Riley just wanted out because of the SEC being tough–that’s giving OU too much credit.

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I’ll agree that nobody wants Colorado, but tv “markets” are pretty much irrelevant. Streaming is the future and it matters more the numbers of viewers, not which metropolitan area they come from. No one is leaving the ACC because of its long-term grant of rights, unless enough members can blow it up, which is doubtful. Also, the distance is not the problem with adding far West schools, but the Pacific Time Zone does create issues.