UFC 241: Cormier vs. Miocic 2

Former OSU wrestler Daniel Cormier is headlining the UFC PPV tonight in a rematch against Stipe Miocic.

The UFC posted their first fight on their YouTube page for free:

Playlist following DC and other fighters leading up to the event:

It should be a great rematch. The first fight was pretty close…until it wasn’t. I’ll obviously be pulling for DC, but I like Stipe a lot as well.

If DC wins I’m interested to see what’s next for him. He had always said he was going to retire at 40 (turned 40 back in March), but here he is still fighting.

Should be a good one. Great card overall! DC by KO in Round 3. I think he has one fight left after this if he wins. Maybe Francis??? If he loses, this might be it.

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Should be fun. I think if DC can close the distance and get in the clinch, he’ll land some shots and have a chance to drop Stipe.

If Stipe can keep his distance it’ll be tougher on DC.

This undercard has been great so far!

I think Pettis/Diaz could steal the show.

My predictions
Heinisch over Brunson
Benitez over Yusuff
Costa over Romero-(This one should be a great fight IMO. Someone’s getting knocked out)
Pettis over Diaz
Cormier over Miocic(Orange glasses on)

Romero-Costa=Fight of the night!

Disappointed DC went down the way he did. Thought he was at least up 2-1 going in the 4th. Interested to see what’s next for him.