Uni Debate: Cursive Cowboys or the 1995 Throwbacks?

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A spirited debate over 1995 vs. 2000.

Cursive font is a little more difficult to read, especially since no one uses cursive anymore. I’ve never really liked it

Cursive Cowboys

Good discussion. I started Cursive Cowboys, but ended with the 95 throwbacks. Boone swayed me with this comment - “The font of the numbers on the cursive Cowboys kit docks it a slight notch for me, too. They look gothic.” The mismatch was just too much. One more note - I do think the all-orange get a bad rap. They look outstanding on TV. Better than just a once-a-year treatment.

No one would be able to stop us if we take the cursive Cowboys script and put it on a jersey with the '95 trim. Black and white versions for most of the games, have an orange alt for games against OU and Texas (maybe Kansas). Turquoise for November. Y’all ain’t ready.

But to answer the question of the debate between these two: Cursive Cowboys (barely).


Too easy - 95’s for the win.

Cursive loses cause of those awful shorts with the colorblock patch thing at the bottom. The 95s just look classic.

This right here.

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Too easy - 95’s for the win

AGREE 100%… they are filthy