Oklahoma State always seems to have some of the best uniforms in college football, and this year is no exception. I think they absolutely nailed it. If it were up to me, I don’t think there is anything I would change. Except this: I don’t think they are maximizing what these uniforms can be, and by that I mean the color combinations. Sometimes less is more, and in this case I think that applies.

As this season has gone on, I have the opinion that mixing and matching too much takes away from how great these uniforms are. Having uniform sets with three primary colors can look pretty silly (if not bad) i.e. “tri-color”. Another example is wearing the white away jerseys with orange numbers and lettering with black pants when we have white jerseys with black numbers and lettering. It makes it look off and not as sharp as it could be. I think having 2 main home uniforms combos and 2 main away combos with two primary colors would go a long way in creating an identity for Oklahoma State football week to week. Of course, changing it up every now and then for big games or what not is absolutely awesome, but let’s have a base.

White-orange-white is GOAT, of course, and black-orange-black is a very close second. For away, I think white-white(orange#)-orange and black-white(black#)-black are their strongest looks. If it were up to me, and, again, it’s not, this is what I would choose as our “base” looks.

All black for a big night game, sweet. White-orange-orange, cool. All white on the road, sick. But let those be special. Oh, and stick to the OSU brand and cursive cowboys on the helmet, no more giant Pete logos. To me, that’s what schools with lesser brands do to gain attention. Remember, “we have a logo too.” There is plenty you can do with different colored logos and color combinations with the helmets to better match the uniform combos.

What do you all think?

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We’re set to have this template for at least five years. I think some of what we’re seeing with the tri-colors and jersey numbers not matching pants color is to get some of the “bad” combos out of the way early. That way there’s no where to go but up.
As far as having a base, I see what you’re saying, but they are pretty set on changing it up every week to avoid wearing duplicate combos in the same year. It’s a bit of a letdown for fans if you see the same combo twice in one season.
I think we should stick with the OSU brand for 90%+ of the games. There’s no reason why we can’t change the color of the logo to match with the uniform to make it work. Pete and Cursive Cowboys are fine to mix it up every once in a while, but you’re right - it detracts from the “we have a logo too” statement when we rotate logos so frequently. So far this season we have seen the brand 3 times, Pete 3 times, and Cursive four times.


But what is the point of changing up the combo every week other than doing it just for doing its sake? What is so bad about repeating a solid uniform combo? As a fan myself, I find it way more disappointing when the team looks goofy as opposed to wearing a uniform combo that is elite and brand-identifying. I understand that in the past it was something that garnered attention and was exciting, however, in my opinion we are beyond that. We have a “new Big 12” and the opportunity to further cement our identity and brand, and I think we should do just that.

And 100% agree about wearing the brand logo 90%+ of the games. There is a lot you can do with the color schemes to mix it up and keep it fresh. We’ve seen chrome brand in the past. White, black, orange, different stripe combos, face masks, there’s a lot there. Save the (in my opinion) dumb Pete logo for homecoming and the cursive cowboys for 1 or 2 big games

I would say we’ve had some progress when it comes to uni combos: The grey has been has placed into the dustbin of history.
Honestly, I could do without the tri-color scheme. I don’t hate them, but don’t love them either.
For road games, I would go White helmet, White Jersey, and alternate between Orange and Black Pants that would match the color of the numbers on the jersey.
For home games, B/B/B, B/O/B, B/B/O, W/O/W would be fine.
I would have the logo on the helmets most of time mixing in Cursive Cowboy and a special helmet for homecoming.

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This guy gets it

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What about O-O-O or some orange cleats

The orange color on the helmet never matches the orange on the jerseys and always looks ugly