UNLV Hires Away OSU Receivers Coach Kasey Dunn, Per Report

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This is a significant blow for OSU.

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Looks like the raise last season was not enough to keep him. I will be interested to see what salary he gets from UNLV

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That’s really weird! Seems like a VERY lateral move at best…
If it’s true though, wish him the best! He did a great job while he was here.

Promoted to OC at UNLV

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Thanks coach, best of luck to you. Miss you already

Looks like he was looking to move up.

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In Dunn’s case I don’t think he left because of salary. OSU overpays its football staff. I think he was clearly bothered when not made OC and then is why he left. I never underestimate the human ego, our number one frailty.


Welp we screwed now.

Gundy brings gleason in to let him watch and dunn shoulda been calling plays.

This is a significant loss to this program. Besides the OL coach, he was the only real recruiter on this team. We are about to see what mediocrity looks like in a big way.

  1. Overpaid ?
  2. ego/relationships = spot on
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So does UNLV have to pay out Dunn’s contract at Osu since he just got a new contract with a raise?

Dunn gone? Glesson too? WTH is happening?


So does Gundy go after Jw Walsh now,or Woods to replace him?

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Of all the support and bitching about Gundy, this has to be one of his biggest mistakes. He had a chance to make Dunn OC…■■■■ this one is going to hurt for a while

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Good job Mike Gundy! Really impressed with this one! Maybe someone can hire him away.

same reason we lost Wickline
instead of promoting from within, he hires from Shippensburg and Princeton, NJ

Arroyo is high energy guy trying to win championships.

I don’t see this one turning out well for the program. It was well known that Dunn wanted to be OC after Arroyo left but Gundy decided to hire an unproven recruiter and play caller that, for all we know, isn’t even calling the plays. For someone who touts the importance of program loyalty Gundy sure didn’t show MUCH (I say much and not none because he did at least give him a raise) loyalty to Dunn by skipping over him for OC after being there longer than any other assistant.

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