UNLV Specialist Tanner Brown Transferring to OSU

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Cowboys secure a potential replacement for departed kicker Jake McClure.

24 kickoffs and only 1 touchback…no thanks

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If the returns were for 15 yards.

Whatever happened to our kicker or punter Kip Smith who I thought played as a freshman and then he was gone.
It looks like he went to the Phil. Eagles and did not make the team and now works as a government financial analyst for Lockheed Martin. That is all that I found on him online.

Very odd post. Just saying

We know Gundy loves his field goals and punting the ball when touchdowns are needed. I’m sure he’ll fit right into Cowboy Culture.


The post is in response to the news that a new punter is transferring to OSU and that reminded me that I never knew why Kip Smith did not finish at OSU since he was a good punter or kicker so I was surprised when he did come back for another season. I guess he entered the NFL draft instead.

We got one of the best kickers around when he’s healthy, Alex Hale. Could use a better punter than Tom Hutton but he’s improved. I still think his drops are most of his problem.

What is his “drops”
Hutton has had 4 fumbles on returns.
Hardly any return yards.
But look at the numbers yea.
This kid is to do kick offs maybe.