UNT Transfer Guard Tylor Perry Eliminates OSU From Consideration

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OSU is no longer in the mix to land one of the top transfers in the market.

I like Boynton as a person and his support of the university. However, I believe Chad Weiberg should probably have the termination papers drawn up and prepped just in case.

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Not surprising considering I think he’s following his coach to Texas Tech.
As for Boyton, I think he’s a good man but he’s not cutting it as a HC. If OSU has another bad season he should be let go, but I’m betting he’s got 2 more years due to his buyout clause.

The university needs to commit some funding for a proven coach or you risk getting another Boynton. I don’t think we can have a 3rd failed hire in a row or we will really be screwed.

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I think this administration is under preforming to say the least. I think they have no balls to make their first major higher in fear of bombing. The leadership has been vacant. They have their hands full of coaches that needed to be let go last year. We are in an ears of bad sports except softball. Low times at osu right now.