UPDATE: OSU Wrestling to Host Columbia on Sunday after West Virginia Cancelations

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The Cowboys will host Columbia.

That should be 4 good match.

How many of us even knew that Columbia had a wrestling team?
I like the idea of Cowboys going against Ivy League teams. I wonder who the Columbia coach is since he was able to find some guys now ranked? I agree with Seth, we really need improve the schedule to give our guys a chance to face stiff competition to prepare them for the NCAA tournament. Coach Smith thought that is why Fix did not win the title last season because he did not face good competition during the duals. We need to do what we can to have duals with mostly Big 10 schools. Forget the Big 12 affiliates other than Mizzu.
Columbia coach wrestled at Wisconsin and was ranked number one at 141 for most of his senior season till he came in second in the Big 10. He finished 4th at NCAA. Name is Tinalli.