Victor Voinovich to Wrestle in U23 European Championships

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The Cowboy freshman will represent Serbia at 70 KG.

Good to see these small articles on OSU wrestlers because this important sport to the Cowboy tradition always seems to be lacking in a fair amount coverage. Seth has been doing a good job of improving coverage. It’s been over 50 years since I have been a student there, so I have no idea of the level of interest that the current student body has for Cowboy wrestling. When I was on campus the wrestlers were the big men on campus, not the football players, and certainly not the basketball teams. Wrestlers were like campus celebrities. They couldn’t walk across campus getting to classes without students coming up to them to say something to them. I remember thinking at the time that these guys are being treated like they are Hollywood stars. I am pulling for Michigan to win the NCAA, just because it would be good for the sport instead of seeing the same old race between PSU and Iowa, which is getting really old. But PSU tends to go up a level at the NCAA tournament with 4 finalists.