Video: John Smith Updates Ferrari's Health, Discusses Upcoming Duals

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Smith said Ferrari is home.

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It is sad to take an accident for the wrestling team to get so many articles.

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Seth does a great job when he writes articles. Unfortunately wrestling doesn’t get as much coverage as they should.

I want being mean just point out a deal. Seth does a great job with a variety of stories with a mix of coverage

Speaking of stories, because Cowboy wrestling has accomplished so many amazing feats, I would like to see a weekly story posted that highlights an unusual accomplishment from Cowboy wrestling of the past starting with the 1920’s. Most fans have not bothered to read the history of OSU wrestling that was written by the late Dellenger. Not sure of the spelling of his name. Volume one of that book could supply all the research to create a wealth of articles. Articles like that should be written once a week during the wrestling season.

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