Video: Mike Boynton Previews Iowa State

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The Cowboys host the Cyclones on Wednesday.

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6th and 7th best defenses with the 135th and 198th best offenses. Gonna be an ugly game.


Could be… I haven’t decided if I want to attend. Hopefully we can get the win.

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Weekday game is a tough ask when it’s more than an hour or so each way. Pair that with the likelihood of two dominant defense bullying each other’s incapable offense is an even tougher ask. Unless you like that kind of ball.

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To have OSU in your profile name, you sure do represent, you would know that is the root of the oSu basketball program. If you do not like it, do not watch, no one is making you. All you want to do is complain. Move around.

I don’t have an issue with our defense smothering the other team. I have an issue when the offense is incapable of doing anything. The team FT% shows they’re incapable of shooting without someone guarding them. It’s not the 40s anymore you have to be able to score points. Get with the times clown.

Watch the games then and quit only watching highlights.


Talking like you know something, you sound like yo @z still in middle school. Waffle head @z

I do watch the games. That’s how I can see the offense is poor. They miss open shots consistently, jack up bad 3s when no one shoots them very well, only make 65% of their FTs as a team (the best FT shooter is injured which you said is for the best), and generally look lost on offense. The defense is lights out and is national championship level defense. The offense is not. The KenPom efficiency rankings have it as the worst in the Big 12. ISU is the second worst team offensively and is significantly higher in the KenPom ratings. The offense and FTs are not good or acceptable at best and awful at worst. That’s a fact.

Three hours one way for me. 320 round trip. With the price of fuel going up…

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