Video: Mike Gundy Meets with Reporters Before Spring Practice

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Hear from the Cowboys’ coach ahead of the spring season.

“Never know how a young kid can play unless you get him on the field” “we should have played Devin more than we did early in his career.” Now isn’t this exactly what me and joe have been saying for too long now? Mike Gundy dosent have faith in young guys and that they have to wait their turn. I mean you mean to tell me after playing football his whole life and coaching for 20 years that he is just finding this out? Not to mention that COVID taught him to get 2nd team and third team guys more reps? How the heck do you know what you got if you don’t do that? This is directly why he has continually picked the wrong quarterback and directly why he has one championship in his coaching career and that’s a fact. Maybe starting from here he will continue to these two important things and get us over the hump. Lord!

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Now if for some crazy reason he decides to use his TE’s more this year and if he does and it will help, if if I hear this man say the words ghat we should have got our TE’s more involved over the last few years, I might crawl out of my skin and leach everywhere but at the same time it wouldn’t shock me one bit.