Videos: Coaches, Players React to Kansas State Loss

Originally published at: Videos: Coaches, Players React to Kansas State Loss | Pistols Firing

Hear from the Cowboys after the K-State loss.

Derek, you know, Mason is, you know, out of his, you know, depth, you know, as he has been often in his, you know, coaching career, you know. Harsh, you know, but true. A terrible, you know, Gundy hire, you know.

Any defensive scheme or game plan that has Collin Oliver on the bench to begin a game is IDIOTIC!! …YOU KNOW!!!

GO POKES!!! (you know)

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Ive been reading your genius takes NOW. Never had anyone say we were going to get beat like this. Everyone knew the defense was going to be less effective.

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I funny that you call that “less effective”

Its only funny if you know what less effective means.

I sincerely thought the score about right, just the wrong way!! That makes me the idiot this week. :upside_down_face:

Ive heard alot of guys down on mason and wishing knowles was still here. Wish we paid him more stuff like that.

My question is where is the biggest gap we have on defense. In my mind its linebacker. Can you tell me who knowles recruited at linebacker. He was linebacker coach. Really i would like to know if knowles was primary recruiter on any player. Cobb was recruited by our Polynesian guy. Benson by the grad student he took to tosu. Then he takes a db too.
Why do we not have any jr or sr lb.

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Guys! The sky isn’t falling!!! We have that QB that came in for spencer. Man he is our future and he will bring us that championship we have been wanting for so long. What a joke.

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I personally can’t tell you a thing about who recruited who. I personally don’t really care if Knowles left for a better situation elsewhere as much as I care that we changed defensive schemes completely for a man on a two year contract, thus will probably be changing it again…

You may be right about the biggest gap being at linebacker, that is where we lost the most and have the least experience, it seems.

As for the assistants recruiting the players… all the more reason to promote from within. jmho…

GO POKES!!! :football: :crazy_face: :football: :crazy_face: :football:

Loving the optimism. But, for this season, the sky has fallen. I first enrolled at oSu in 1979. For all of those years, every single one, there has always been a ‘just wait until next year’ sentiment adopted at some point in the season. Admittedly, the range has elevated quite a bit. We used to ‘just wait til next year’ about bowl eligibility. …‘just wait til next year’ about bedlam. Now, we ‘just wait til next year’ about conference championships. Our pinnacle, to date, ‘just wait til next year’ (or longer) for the CFP in 2012. (conference champs, 2011, actual playoff in 2012.)

So, if you would, please tolerate a few of us old timers who believe that the sky has fallen on this season, by our aspirations. But you are right, for 1979… WE ARE BOWL ELIGIBLE!! hehehehehe…

GO POKES!!! :crazy_face: :football: :crazy_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face:

I just get a lil pissed when some people elevate Knowles in a blind faith of what he actually did.
Yes asst are suppose to recruit. But. Dc should be too. All hands on board.

No matter how you feel about dunn hi is recruiting.

I personally have never said that coordinators shouldn’t recruit. Heck fuzzy nuts, our HC should be recruiting if he isn’t!!

With the sudden reality check that KState gave us, I think everyone is a lil pissed, and looking for somewhere to aim it. This is a good place to vent… :sunglasses:

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Gundy’s “tweaks” show what kind of coach he is. Pathetic loss. Fire the entire coaching staff except Glass. Record setting loss. In his 17th year. lol. We can probably count out landing Reescano. I wouldn’t want to play for Gundy after that embarrassing loss. I bet he recommits to MSU today. Gundy just can’t be competitive enough to get to the next level. It has been proven time and time again.

If gundy is pathetic. Then what does this make you. You stick by know it. Truly. All you have to do is stop watching. Gundy to be come better has hundreds of people to work with.

You keep expecting that different out come. Be it, the other fans change or the administration. You are the definition of idiot.

No idea what you said.

There i edited. A typo and a comma. You really need things spoon feed to you. If you cant understand it now is beyond me to help you. Ive given my professional opinion your an idiot