Videos: Gundy, Players Give Updates on Spring Camp

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Hear from the Cowboys on the first day of full pads.

Great talk from the guys.

What I really dnt understand is the stooges and the rhetoric. How long have they been saying these things.
Do they not feel silly as the direction of the team is going up in the last few years.
I pointed out all the good things happened in the last year. They act like Hilary Clinton, she can’t stand Bill but won’t leave him.

Does it do anything repeating the same 2 or 3 points.
You guys love to compare gundy to other coaches until those coach fail.

Why can you guys actually wait till next year to see what the team does. You really look pathetic after a 12 and 2 year. I feel we are a 10 win team we got 4 tuff road games. It’s hard to predict with ou texas and others in turmoil.

We may be better. Knowles didn’t get turnovers. He being a dB guy want to be more aggressive. We could get more pics. Sanders could make another step. Good young backs. We stop have a whole unit go out at the same time… You guys have made no point for this team to be a 7 win team. Even tho Joy said we were a 7 win team.

Because those 2 or 3 points are the most important thing that hasn’t changed for 18 years LOL. I mean duuuuu.

You want me and others to what? Praise who gundy? Or praise the new athletic director? Ok I will praise what needs to be praised and that’s the new athletic director because he actually has changed something unlike you know who. Big expectations moving forward for you know who Robert0. You getting nervous? I bet you are.

Why would I feel nervous? I’m happy with the recruiting class and the transfers.
I already said we look like a 10 game winner. I think we have a tuff road schedule. But I’m not nervous. You guys are nervous because you guys think we still have a good team too.

10 wins? Yea I’m sorry dude but 10 wins gets you nothing anymore buddy. The bar has been set since 2011 and has not got any higher but yea anyway that’s what you think OSU puts all this work in and pays gundy more than any other coach in the big twelve just to almost set the bar higher than what has been set for 11 years ago? gotcha. Well you should be excited then because every 5 years you might get your 10 wins. Gundy should pay you guys for spreading fake news about how awesome of a coach he is. LOL the man just said he’s not about the portal game because it hurts his players feelings that have put three years of work in LOL. I can’t make this up. He’s not a winner and will never be a championship coach because he doesn’t have it in him. He would be a championship councilor for sure tho. He’s going to be gone with in 4 years because of his stubbornly attitude to do what needs to be done to produce a championship football team.

That’s why your nervous

Aren’t you the one telling us that 90 % of the team didn’t like gundy. Your post has a bunch of numbers, none match up. You need math help. Look at the fake news.

There is only one group of stooge on here jug you and Joy. Stooge is a yahoo who over plays his stupidity.

Dnt post to me if your just going blah blah.
I can’t wait in five years to laugh at you again

Nervous. Lol

I have moved on to other things. You have been going on since well ever, even tho we just came of one of our best years in osu history.

Did you hear me say anything about the o line. No I knew it would get players. You guys were freaking out.

Just keep repeating yourself so u can reinforce your obsession.