Videos: Gundy, Players Preview Guaranteed Rate Bowl, Wisconsin

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Hear from the Cowboys as they preview their postseason tilt with the Badgers.

Has gundy ever said anything different when asked do you think the team your playing will change some things in this game? Gundy’s answer is always the same. “I’m sure they are going to do what they always do in that their concepts won’t change”. He has been blind sided in these games not just bowl games but regular season games as well. He never changes his and he thinks other teams will do the same thing because they don’t have time. Gundy can’t do this one thing and this is a direct reason he can’t be a championship coach and separate him from just regular winning season coaches.

It’s why he’s so consistent in not winning big games. But hey, who cares right?

“he has been blind sided in these games, not just bowl games but regular season as well”

I already know how you’ll spin this response but he is 11-5 in bowl games in his career.