Videos: OSU Coaches, Players React to Big 12 Championship Loss

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Hear from the Pokes after their tough loss.

Hey, gundy your blue print sucked assss today! Don’t blam the kids! If you want to blam the kids then I blame you for recruiting non championship players! Your a joke and your to soft son and that’s why you don’t win anything meaningful! Have fun in your meaningless bowl game pal!!! Demand better osu administration!!

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No accountability for the coaching. Definitely unprepared and out coached in the biggest game in OSU football history. I guarantee you won’t be back with Gundy. You suck and Maranda should’ve gotten the BIG 12 Coach of the Year.

U know how suck is lil gurls spending all this time being quiet. Then when we loss start crying.

You disappeared for 8 hours after the game Roberto. Quit riding your high horse.

I’m not I’m riding u.
I didn’t want to hear u cry for 8 hrs.
Unlike u I think this is a sports fan site not a women’s sowing circle were u gurls cry non stop.

Why would you want to ride another man? I don’t swing that way Roberto.

At what point have u proven ur a man. U have been crying like a baby four 8 hours

Four 8? It hasn’t been 2 days yet buddy.

It soon will be. And I’m not stupid u guys will be crying well till gundy is gone.
Personal u ought to spend a lil more time helping ur buddy boynton. Not looking good at all. What 500 for the year.

Personal u ought to spend a lil more time helping ur buddy gundy figure out how to get in the end zone from 1 yard out in 4 tries.

What’s he going 14 and 16.
It was fine when boynton lost in the title game last year

When was it fine for the basketball team to lose? Their tournament performance in the second game was horrendous and I was very vocal about how poor it was.