Videos: OSU Coaches, Players Recap Loss to South Alabama

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Hear from the Cowboys after Saturday’s loss.

Well when you hire D-2 coaches you recruit D-2 talent. Mike can’t seem to get this demon off his shoulder that it’s better to have coaching continuity then higher level coaches that will leave pretty quick. It’s working aginst him and has been ever since he hired the d-2 guy from Shippensburg and it has continued ever since. Mike is Mikes worst enemy and the older you get the worst it gets and it’s to the point that the administration sees it and fans see it but their to scared to run him off. Enjoy the rest of mikes years of 7 or eight win seasons if he’s lucky.

8 wins would be a downright miracle.

A miracle would be if he could get his teams ready to play the non conference schedule without getting beat. This dude is cooked. He wouldn’t be still deciding on who his ■■■■ quarterback should be if his son wasn’t one of them up for the job and that’s the truth or he shouldn’t be a college coach making that kind of money and that’s the truth. Sometimes I think he’s a smart retard you know.

Dunn is way in over his head.