Virginia Tech Transfer Jalen Cone Has OSU in Final Schools

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Cone is drawing significant interest across the country.

I don’t see a strong need for another guard for the Cowboys. PT might not be that great for Cone in Stillwater. I think Indiana has lost their starting guards and also a third guard to the transfer portal. Cone probably waiting to see who is the next Hoosier coach. Cowboys have some strong defensive guards. Don’t know if Cone fits this mold. We would love to have a good shooting scoring guard added to the roster. Just think we have other more pressing needs.

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I agree. We have seven guards. With 2 come of injury.
Just by more play time walker or boone should get better at 3’s. Or any of the others over the summer.
Get a couple of centers (true centers). On young one older.
We got alot of guys who do the same stuff. But none that can defend a big center.
7 or 8 if u count dee is hard to recurit guards too. And Donavan is a freshman still. I guess walker is too.

Actually we are extremely weak at the point guard position. Outside of the small forward position, it’s our weakest position. If Anderson and Likekele both start, we have no backup PG. Also, if you don’t have solid point guards on your team, you will struggle making it to the final 4. Just look at the final 4 this year. Great guards on each team. And let’s also face it, Likekele it not a starting guard. We were better when he came off the bench. There are so many guards in the portal that bring more value than a guard that has no jump shot, can’t shoot threes and is horrible at the free throw line. He will be a senior next year and he hasn’t progressed from his freshman year.

Well ice is a better point guard then a wing.

U r rite if ice gets hurt and Avery keeps getting offensive fouls we would be hurt.

But we have two more point guards then centers. But harris or walker could hold the fort for a few minutes.

If boynton lands a kid like kessler then we could go get ur point guard.

We played a few games with one point guard this year. Who played point when Avery sat.

Everybody keeps telling me we were 3 and 1 with out cade. The west Virginia game we only had Avery.

Avery only played 30 minutes

The only mention of Kessler was 2 players tweeting him. He’s a heavy Gonzaga lean and he has never mentioned OSU.
I don’t know if Cone is the pg I would want but when Williams ran point last year he had 9 turnovers. So it’s important to have a legit point guard and not some wing filling in.

Need to point out to kessler Gonzaga has 2 high center recuits.
Cone came in as pg but played wing i thought.
Cade average 4 turnovers so?

One thing if we ran a real offense. Players would be more comfortable.
Ice needs to become doug not Iverson. We need more assist. Walker and boone or maybe the others we be a year older. Walker could take off.( be more consistent as a starter)
I would hope the players we got could grow instead of another flavors.
There are a bunch of ways it will go. Im just saying we dnt have a center.

Doesn’t matter if you point out Gonzaga has 2 centers or not…until Kessler mentions OSU it’s a pipe dream.
Cade also got 40 points in a game so I think cade is more of the exception not the standard when it comes to a pg turning the ball over.

All true.
Without cade, get a center is bigger then getting more of what we got.

First of all, his other 6 schools do not compare to the success of OSU. But I think we need a true center since our rebounding and shot blocking needs to move up a level. I just am not impressed with this guy. There are a lot of players transferring. Also, he is short. Cowboys need taller players. The days of Travis Ford and his small teams need to stay in the past.

Really wish we didn’t have to part ways with Marcus Watson I know he’s not the tall guy your talking about but I think his physicality would do wonders for us

Also we now really regret that Maurice Calloo messed up. Those kids that got booted just did not have the right priorities, I guess.
Although I am against the crazy transfer rule, it now seems to be our only chance to fill in the missing pieces for this team so they can compete even better. Surely some of those really good players in the portal realize that they would get plenty of playing time with the Cowboys. Come be a big fish in a small pond rather than go unnoticed in a big pond. Otherwise, we would need a big group prayer for Bernard Kumo to have a miracle like one of the Boones had and report next season as a much improved player. I don’t see that happening since he even has trouble just holding onto the ball.

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5’10 pass. Liability on defense