Wait, OSU Basketball Had to Forfeit All of Its 1992 Big Eight Conference Wins?

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/wait-osu-basketball-had-to-forfeit-all-of-its-1992-big-eight-conference-wins/

On the infamous Randy Davis.

We cannot let this tidbit of sports history die here. There should be follow up to find out exactly what was wrong on the transcript that made the player ineligible. We can’t be left dangling like this. Does PFB have an investigative reporter on staff?

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My reading comprehension isn’t so good, so I’m a bit confused. Did OSU officially go 28-8 that year or 20-16? And does Eddie have 806 official victories or 798?

I just pray this isn’t a Mr. 3000 type of situation for Eddie.

The trolls on FB are out. I enjoyed the article Porter. I like the first-person style and it was a fun dig through the annals of history.