Wait till next year!

Just like football, two games into conference play you start hearing “wait till next year”.

You seem like you’re a fun person.


Thanks for noticing! I also do a great Elvis impersonation, “thank you very much”.

Say something positive. It doesn’t even have to pertain to OSU sports.

If there is one thing I hate to hear more than the only song that “the pride of Oklahoma marching band” knows how to play is “wait til next year”

I have been a die hard poke my entire life and now am a loyal and true fan and alumni. I can’t think of a sports program on campus that I would say is worse than I’ve seen in my time around OSU. I would even be willing to say this may be the best all around athletic department I have ever seen in Stillwater! Be thankful for where we have come from and scream orange power until you can’t talk at work tomorrow. If your not at the games doing your part don’t complain!

I realize it’s not possible to make every game, I don’t, you get my point


Haha I’m just saying I hate people acting like we are as bad as ever when I watched bob simmons football and Travis Ford/ Sean Sutton basketball. Don’t get me wrong, we have lots of room for improvements!!


You have a valid point for sure, but Chimp and I have likely the same reaction and that tends to be that phrases like that are often (not always but often) used as excuses and reasons why people shouldn’t criticize, critique, complain, or be in any way negative about the program at all. It has the same ring as ‘support the team no matter what’ in that it has a ‘no true Scotsman’ feel about it.

Again, not your intent, clearly, but it’s one of those phrases that has been co-opted by smoke-blowers to mean that any criticism is not being a real fan.

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One more mention of that and we’re hitting full-blown #TheDepravedChimp

Spoken like a person who truly doesn’t know where we came from.


Besides what good does it do when there’s a good chance the comings and goings of this thread find their way back to team?

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What are you afraid the team might see?