Was Gundy more involved in the offense than we think?

Here me out on this one, I was recently watching some old games on Youtube namely Nebraska 07, Mizzou 08, Colorado 09 and I noticed we ran the ball a lot more than I remember, especially in 09. Not just that, but the types of plays called and when they were called were pretty much what we have going on right now.

-Inside Zone as our main run play in 08, 09 with the exception being 07 where the “Stretch” was our main running play
-When the main run play doesn’t work we’d run a trap just like we do now, I counted 4 straight trap plays after calling inside zone 8 straight times against Mizzou.
-Call the speed option when needing a big play on the ground, did that several times in all 3 games I watched, did it several times this year as well, Sanders’ 37 yard touchdown in Bedlam was a speed option.
-Disorganized/Disjointed passing game, predicated on what the defense is doing, with a bunch of rollouts and long developing deepshots. The only quick passing game was the swing pass and screens. Every other pass play felt like it was to the sticks or beyond.

Just sayin, Dunn being a first time coordinator and Gundy being a former coordinator could have something to do with what we’ve seen the last 2 years: The run heavy offense, the seemingly obvious playcall patterns, the success and failure of the running game, the unprepared feeling I get watching the pass offense, the meticulous nature of how we move the ball etc.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume Gundy might have more influence on the offense than we think he does. Not saying he’s bad at it, but there’s a reason he was forced to hire Holgorsen

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So have the worst recievers since the years u were talking about. Uneven line play. An up and down qb.
Had nothing to do with the play calling.

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I don’t think Holgorson knew what he had in Weeden….Boone was tired of a stagnant offense as was Holder. That type of offense fits Sanders