Washington State Transfer Wide Receiver De'Zhaun Stribling Commits to Oklahoma State

Originally published at: Washington State Transfer Wide Receiver De'Zhaun Stribling Commits to Oklahoma State | Pistols Firing

Stribling had 1,073 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns the past two seasons.

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We seem to be going after a lot of WR’s who are in the portal. There is probably something that I don’t know but I though our WR room was pretty well loaded. I know that we need to replace Braylin but there are other positions, hint letters are OL, where our need has hit the critical stage. Could it be that the reason that we aren’t seeing any OL offers is because the coach who’s job is to do the recruiting and make the offers is in the process of joining the staff? Love to start rumors like this LOL.


Big guy, welcome to the posse cowboy


Not exactly sure why were taking a WR tbh. We need a ■■■■ line.

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Would you go to a school that doesn’t know what they are doing in your position and no draft picks since 2011. Might be one other but seriously would you. Not me.

Lol what position are you talking about. I really got to hear this.

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Online goof. I know I got to spell it out for you. It’s tiring really

T even Jenkins was the one I’m thinking about other than okung in 2010 and one in 2007.

Yep offensive lineman drafted since 2007. There you go laddies and gentlemen.

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Portal? Looks like we are finding players.

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Dude go read your first post. Your an idiot. Sills wasn’t drafted but he got a 3 year contract just like being drafted. So that means we got to back to back playing in the big league. Go hate some were else

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What? Didn’t get drafted is correct dummy. 2 draft picks since 2007!! Can you read??

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Not hating just telling facts. You don’t follow facts?

Dude you cant even follow your own facts. You told us we had a pick in 2007 2010 and we know 2020.

Of course you first said we had none since 2011.

Layoff the liquor

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I’m not sure how else for you to comprehend but let’s go this route ok? True or false….osu has had only two offensive line guys drafted since 2007?

Have your mom figure that out for you please!!!

Good now that your mom got you straightened out on facts I also I never said we didn’t get an offensive lineman drafted since 2011 moron! I said gundy hasn’t had a good offensive line sine 2010. Open you needy eyeballs and your pointy little ears.

Dude your a mess. We got 2 playing nfl rite now. You got a narrative its a chitting one.

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Answer the question moron

15 years with only 2 offensive lineman drafted. Gundy’s the man

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