WATCH: AJ Ferrari Throws Out First Pitch, Rips off Shirt Before Bedlam Baseball

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He flexed at OU’s dugout!

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A super star should have no need to show off. I think he diminishes himself by doing those antics. I hope he gains some maturity soon.

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He learned it from gundy. Its all for fun gets the crowd going

At least he’s doing it when he’s 20 and not 50 like Gundy.

He’s a clown much like Baker Mayfield was at OU. I don’t mind someone being brash and cocky, but you don’t disrespect your opponent–even OU. What’s worse is that he’s taunting the opposing team at a baseball game. His antics belong with Vince McMahon–which I’m sure is his ultimate goal.

I see the fun police are here.


If you don’t like this, you don’t need to watch sports. We need more of this, especially directed at OU.


When and if u hit 50 and feel u can’t take ur shirt off in front of a student body more power to u.
Why do u think ar0 is upset with gundy, its over his body. :rofl::upside_down_face::blush::innocent::crazy_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

He is a super star and he also knows that he can make himself more famous, have fun, and likely make some money in the long run off these things. Its actually kinda smart if you think about it.


It was not his opponent, he was just there to pump up the crowd which is what he did. He does not act that way against opponents on the mat and in fact shows them a lot of respect usually.


It was great no matter what. U think wwe is just druleing over him lmao

No he has already mentioned MMA as a likely future endeavor and interacts with a lot of fighters.

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Why not both be big doing cameos

Does anybody know how tall aj is


You’re an idiot.



Maybe watch him wrestle and listen to his interviews before judging him. He’s cocky, yes, but he’s also super respectful to his opponents, his coaches, his family, and his teammates. Dude is a beast and is bringing lots of interest to OSU wrestling which is frankly a very good thing for a legendary program that still has to compete with all the other sports for eyeballs and funding. Great that he’s hyping OSU and getting fans excited. Wrestling could certainly use more “fun” to bring in the casual/new fan.


Umpire’s reaction was funny.