WATCH: An Emotional Mike Boynton Addresses Cowboys After Loss

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Boynton to his team, “I’m thankful I got to coach you.”

What a class act! “We’ll be better because of this.” So true. To think, looking on the court last night, that EVERYONE on the floor could come back (…won’t, but could) is amazing. This group - I HOPE - has begun the resurgence of oSu Men’s Basketball! Next year could be a scary-good team! Much respect Coach! We’re thankful you got to coach, too!

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The right coach is in place. Now the right coach just has to try to find the right missing pieces for recruiting. Big man and guys who can shoot from the perimeter. Avery Anderson yesterday shooting over Beaver’s 7’1" center looked like a scene from King Kong. So I’m excited to watch Avery next season. Team needs to learn how to cut down of some of their bad passes, guard the ball better to cut down turnovers. Greatly improve their free throw shooting. Ice needs to become a more accurate shooter. I have hopes for Kuoma who is still learning the game. He has to have better hands when the ball comes his way. Boone twins should be up another level, really fun to watch their growth. M.A. will be a more controlled player with less fouls. The team needs to be more disciplined by cutting down on all those charges knowing that the refs are going to make the close calls as charges. Decrease the 3 point shots since we don’t have the talent for that. I expect a lot from Bryce Williams next season. Except for Ice, they all need to hit the weights and eat more to bulk up. I don’t remember who the recruits are that signed for next season. I assume we had a few scholarships left to give? Expand the recruiting area.

All the issues you just wrote about and you don’t think that’s a reflection on coaching and recruiting? As the coach, the blame falls on MB with many of the issues you wrote about.

Love this man!!!

OSU and our new AD needs to make sure coach Boynton isn’t stolen away by some other school. This better be the last year he’s the lowest paid coach in the Big 12.

Your comments are spot-on; MB may be a good man, but as a head collegiate basketball coach, he is mediocre at best!

OSU’s current basketball discipline displayed on the court is pathetic!

Because of Holder it has been a long road since OSU fans were treated to top drawer basketball (Eddie Sutton days)!