Watch: Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon Hook Up for One More TD

Same as if you would stop biaching, but you won’t. Mindless :flushed:

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In 1988. Colorado wasn’t even a top 20 team. Nebraska finished just one ranking ahead of OSU (10th nationally) and OU finished three ranks behind OSU that season. They couldn’t beat OU even though they were the better team. Then you tell me I’m the one that can’t separate fact from fiction?

You must get your facts from the comic section. Both were ranked higher than us

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Go look at the final rankings for the 1988 season if you don’t believe me. Surely your boomer a55 can use google, right?

I don’t have to look dumbferk … we finished behind both in the conference

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Only two games we lost was Nebraska and your goons

I wasn’t talking about the conference rankings. I was talking about the overall rankings you idiot.

What difference does it make nationally, you always want conference and National championships. We were thrif in conference
Those polls back then were good buddy polls. Like they did for years, voted who was NC

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You were still wrong.

I was talking conference, what you moan about all the time. I didn’t give a chit where we were nationally. You just think you have to have the last word. You stay up 2 hours later to come back with a snide remark when we sleep :joy::joy::joy:

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I’m sure you don’t, but you were still wrong.

No it’s your imbecile reading comprehension idiot …… anyone that a Cowboy fan, which you aren’t, knows Nebraska and your goons were the only ones to beat us that year. Like I said I don’t give a chit what the final poll was after bowl games where all the buddies chose whoever in what place in the poll.

Hey brainiac do u know why dykes didn’t win the biletnikoff. Mite have been it didn’t start until 1994.
Ur an idiot. Why is it so important for u to argue with us. It would be OK if u actuallycared about osu. If u were once in a while be rite. Ur just a sad pathetic loser .

U kill me u got to fight about everything. Including and not limit to great teams and great players. Your not a osu fan ur a goon in every way possible. I which the goons would adopt u, but they dnt want a wannabe goon.

As far as Hart Lee Dykes greatness cut short by injuries, there was something else going on with him that was keeping his light under a bushel. After his playing career was over because of injuries, his wife complained that the Bear’s QB, Jim McMahon, tried to avoid throwing to Hart Lee because Jim was a showboat who did not want Hart Lee to be the star of the team. McMahon wanted to look like the most talented player on the team. As a Bears fan all my life that did ring true. I wonder what Blackmon is doing to earn a living these days?

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Back when I played NCAA 14, I would always edit the Pokes roster, and I’d go 5-wide: Dez, Hart Lee, Rashaun, Blackmon, and Washington. My goodness!!! That doesn’t even include Tylan or Marcell Ateman or Adarius Bowman. We can both agree on this one: Oklahoma State has been filthy rich at wide receiver for a long time!!

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So because I believe that the best wide receiver in college football history (Some might say Michael Crabtree) is better than Hart Lee Dykes it must mean I’m a Sooner fan?

If I were a Sooner fan I would be saying that OU receivers were better. Not comparing OSU receivers. Geez you boomers are dumber than chit. That’s why nobody takes your comments seriously.

As an usual fan I’m not accepting u as an osu fan. If u can find a fan base go ahead.
I didn’t say any of the recievers were better then each.
Dykes is like the first mercury spaceship. Better then they thought they were.
So my big deal was to make fun of u for asking why he didn’t win the biletnikoff. Since he never had a chance

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Hart Lee Dykes- 16th overall pick

Justin Blackmon- 5th overall pick

Slice it however you guys want. He was the better receiver. According to Bleacher Report Dykes didn’t even make their top 16 while Blackmon is #10 on their list.

I actually think your the one that’s a Sooner fan. You always want to stick with Gundy even though he never wins Bedlam. Sooner fans hope he stays the head coach. You blame the defense when things go wrong. Looks like you have a problem with the OSU defense being any good. That’s what a Sooner fan fears.

If the offense looks like crap you never blame the scheme, and always pin it on the players. That’s what a Sooner fan would want. They wouldn’t want you to change your scheme. They want you to keep it the same so it’s easy for their defense. Your a Sooner born and bred. You even post like one too.

U are an idiot.
Not once did I say which reciever was better then the other.
I just pointed out why dykes did win an award that was not an award when he played.
This goes with ur dead donors.
The non stop loser coaches.
And ur hate for osu.
Rite at this point Sanders is the best option.
I have said plenty of times he can be bad. With the flags this slows down the offense.
Sure u can say Sanders being r best qb is Gundy’s fault. And penalties happen.
But ut nonstop crying has helped us one bit.
Gundy the last 2 years has probably done his best coaching. We’re 5-0 and I like are chances going 6.

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