WATCH: James Washington Makes Insane Touchdown Catch

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Washington didn’t take long to build chemistry with Rudolph’s replacement.

■■■■ shame that Rudolph never would trust his college mate. It’s was very frustrating to watch Mason refuse to pass to Washington. This is a life lesson to all of us to trust in those who had our backs.

Listening to the Steelers radio broadcast in the car. The color commentator said something that made me sad. He said, “Looks like Hodges has all the time in the world, he could call for pizza in the pocket. I think with Myles Garrett out the o-line isn’t as intimidated.”

Now, I know Mason had a couple of crappy games…but it’s sad that he didn’t get the protection he needed and that set the whole incident in motion in Cleveland. And that might have messed with his confidence the next game too.

Just sucks for him.

Don’t you think that was predicated by him having the #1 Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster to pass to? Isn’t that mostly on the OC and Tomlin to design the plays?

Mason has had a rough time of it. It wasn’t the plan to take over for the season, but life throws you curveballs and he stepped up to the plate for it initially. Even his first year you had the narrative that Big Ben didn’t want him on the team, competition with Dobbs, and landing in the third string spot. The you had the twitter mob screaming about his political leanings (which i don’t care about, let him sling the ■■■■ ball.) and the Hodges and Dobbs crowds upset he won the #2 position. Then Ben goes down and Mason steps up and has to deal with Fitchner’s uninspired play calling and cockamamie schemes, while settling in. Heck some of the check down plays were getting Mason booed by their own fanbase.

Then comes the collision and the concussion, a week off where Hodges steps up, and then Mason coming back. Yes, he has had problems since then, I questioned at times if the docs should have cleared him from concussion protocols that quickly. I dunno whether that is injury related or something going through his head, issues he needs to resolve, I dunno. And don’t get me even started on the BS ambulance cart thing, thats basic negligance of your team’s equipment and vital equipment at that.

The Garrett incident, helmet whack, and the fallout and what I think is a BS character assassination by Garrett and twitter and the Browns fans with this alleged racial slur things. Just how much can one young man take?

And now the benching and uncertain future(?)

Sure, its public life, and the NFL, but this huge pile of steaming horse flop really burns my biscuits for Mason. He contributed to them being in a better position than when Ben went down. He’s a tough kid, and I hope he can bounce back mentally and performance wise. I dunno, maybe his future might not be with the Steelers. I know his initial contract has like 2 years and change to go.

I dunno, do y’all think he can bounce back from this?

I really wonder too. He’s got a major PR problem for sure. Some self-induced, some not his fault at all. But you can’t get cute with politics if you are a public figure. And you need to keep your mouth shut the first six-nine months you are on a job to learn the lay of the land. And I hope he gets a chance to start over, but it’s a problem for sure.

I hope he gets a second chance, as for the politics thing, i don’t think he’s ever mentioned it, people just dug through his tweet likes and such and off they went. i think they did the same thing to duck hodges.

i think he can bounce back from this.

i don’t remember, didnt he play another position in grade and high school initially and then switched to QB?