Way-Too-Early Top 25s Suggest the New-Look Big 12 Will Be a Lot of Fun in 2024

Originally published at: Way-Too-Early Top 25s Suggest the New-Look Big 12 Will Be a Lot of Fun in 2024

We counted seven Big 12 teams appearing in different way-too-early rankings.

I guess everyone is off tech already. They need a line and defense
Ksu. Have to replace alot on offense. Defense was down last off season i see another drop. 7 win season.
Ku nedds a healthy qb and a defense.
Everyone loved Arizona over ou. I didnt see it. 6 turnover is more on ou. They didnt run away with it.
Utah got their qb back is he healthy and ready. I think they have a lot of loses.
Wv had a better schedule then people thought a7 win team got 9. The texas teams just sucked. Harder schedule

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Yeah the Big 12 looks to be wide open next year with about half the teams could make an argument for conference contender.


Definitely don’t see an undefeated team here


None of these teams are good enough to go undefeated.


That’s one way of putting it, another is this league is so top to bottom stacked with talent and innovation that it’s a gauntlet with no off weeks .

I like Utah & Arizona as my favorites. Then my next group in no particular order I go KU, OSU, Colorado and TCU. Then you get to West Vir, KState and UCF. Utah’s physicality VS Ollie Gordon. Colorado going to KState. Will be some pretty cool matchups. Which I repeat to a few people who claim the game of College Football is dying…youve lost your mind. The portal and NIL are a pain…but College football is blowing up popularity wise. These new Conf matchups every week. The 12 team playoff. Bigtime.


You are high on Colorado. I think that Kansas St does what they almost always do: play great team football, great special teams, grind it out and beat people.

I have Colorado in the top 6 of the big 12. I don’t know that I’d say I’m “high” on em. I can’t stand Deion, but his kid can play. I think they’ll be better. They played against some really good teams last year. I think Colorado can go from 4-8 to 7-5/8-4.

KState & Kliemann get a bunch of love……but he’s 26-19 in Conf. I’m not sold on that new QB.

We’ll see how Shedeur Sanders’ recruitment of Alabama players goes. If he’s successful they could easily jump to 8 or 9 wins pretty quickly.

I think Colorado gets better but he needs to get depth cant do that with guys for a year.
Ksu is in there second year of lose guys they havent replaced.