We Paid The Wrong Coach

Brad Underwood’s Fighting Illini won the Big 10. I still hate him for bouncing on us, and I know why we were gun shy about paying him, but ouch. I can’t help but wonder if Holder did something to alienate him. That man screwed our basketball program 12 ways from March.

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He talked a lot of chit about loyal and true, history of the program and salutes to Eddie and Iba but when it came time to show it must have been Holder. What else would it have been unless he had been talking to them month’s before. I still think he’s a snake

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Brad cost alot like the ban. The guys that were kicked off.

I keep hoping boynton can turn a corner.
Good recruiter. Great defense. But nothing on the offensive side. The turnovers really limit flow. No point guards
I think Thompson and boone should be the focus of the offensive. The other can play off them… I do not know what is going with boynton and the boone boys it needs to fixed

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Well, Underwood asked for more money and Holder said no. It’s gross to ask for more money after one season, but seeing what he’s done, maybe he just knew his value. Holder either needed to pay him or convince him to wait.

The guys that were kicked off is all Boynton. The suspension was Underwood, yes.

Yea Kalib can be a stud on the glass and score too. I’m with Robert don’t know what the friction is with the Boone twins but both can play. Guards , Guards, we need guards and Cisse to stay

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Ciccy and Thompson would have to set out a year if leave. I know ciccy isn’t ready for nba

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Boynton very well might not be the answer but Underwood doesn’t look like one either. He’s absolutely worthless in the month of March. Should’ve lost in the first round this year and lost in the second as a 1 seed last year and a 4 seed this year.

I’d trade his five years for ours.

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I’d like more success too but the program was left in a massive rut. Like I said Boynton might not be the answer but Underwood isn’t either. Only thing we’d have is some more regular season wins but nothing meaningful.

Conference title and conference tourney title. That would be exciting.

Those are bonuses but not the end goal. Ask Baylor, Iowa, or Illinois.

I guess the stat of the program is so trash, my expectations are lowered.

Don’t worry, we can’t reach that in football and everyone is quite content.

The football program is a lot healthier than basketball. It’s not even close.

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I’m sure Boynton can get us to 3rd or 4th in the conference as a average.

He had better win a few titles so his average is below 6th.
I would like to see a 4th first.


I would be in love with Boynton if he could average top half of the conference.