Weekend Watch Guide: How to Watch All the Conference Championship Games

Originally published at: Weekend Watch Guide: How to Watch All the Conference Championship Games | Pistols Firing

Quick previews of each conference title game in the FBS.

I think the CFP will end up being (in no particular order): Michigan, Florida State, Oregon, SEC Champion.

Does anyone here think that Michigan’s play stealing has had material impact on where they stand in the rankings? Personally I have no idea but just wondering what others think.

It says Iowa State instead of Iowa in the list of games.

Lots of good evidence, just no conviction yet. I guess the NCAA has control over this and determines it ? If so Michigan won’t get much. Harbaughs games sat out will be enough :thinking:

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Well, they’re in the top 4 and pretty much a lock for the playoffs so I would say no.

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So you don’t think their cheating had an unfair material impact?

I read your original question as did the sign stealing have any impact on their rankings in regards to how the committee has ranked them. If that’s not what you were asking then I apologize for the misinterpretation.

What do you define as “material impact”? Is that on the field performance or is it something else?

I’m just making sure we’re discussing the same thing since my first answer didn’t hit the mark.


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Gotcha. I would say yes there was some. If I’m not mistaken, the start of the sign stealing operation coincided with the current run Michigan is on (beating Ohio State/Big 10 Champs/CFP appearances). In fact, I read a report that TCU was tipped off about the sign stealing, changed their signs, and beat Michigan in the semifinals. Coincidence?
Now, I say some impact because from what I read, some of teams they stole signs from Michigan would’ve beaten them on sheer talent alone (ex. Rutgers). However, in big games like Penn State and Ohio State, knowing the signs makes the game plan a lot easier.


To me sign stealing is not only low life, it’s just unethical. Probably played a part in some wins so yea if played a big part. NCAA will do nothing
Same as Kansas in the basketball fiasco


Oh I agree that NCAA won’t do a thing. They’ll never punish the $ makers.